Company Overview

We believe the most successful organizations are those who embed their core values into the way they operate their business, leveraging the best of available technology and data to achieve their mission.

🚀✨ We work with leading, proven, cloud-first SaaS platforms to help our clients solve their most challenging problems.

🚀✨ We leverage tried-and-true project methodologies to maximize project success and user adoption.

🚀✨ We bring our experience, opinions, and recommendations to our clients to help them navigate the challenges of digital transformation.

🚀✨ And we know that what works for a tech startup in Silicon Valley won’t necessarily work for an Energy firm in the Midwest or for a Financial Services firm in New York.




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Who We Are

Constellaition is a management & technology consulting firm that partners with clients to achieve values-aware digital transformation.

Our competitive differentiation with respect to how we deliver that transformation is integrated directly into our ASTRAL methodology and is two-fold:

(1) our commitment to consideration of people, process, and technology in a transformation is more than just salesmanship

(2) our unique consideration of your company’s values and culture in whether a transformation will be successful or be met with resistance.



ASTRAL Methodology

Constellaition’s ASTRAL Methodology is an approach to digital transformation engagements refined through hundreds of successful transformation journeys. The methodology is comprised of six key ideas:


Consensus and solve the big stuff. Automate the boring stuff. Prototype and iterate the front-end with customer feedback


Leverage puzzle-piece deliverables throughout Discovery, Design, Implementation, Testing, Training, and Launch. Trust the process!


Understand and appreciate change. Manage changes to people/process/technology and communicate frequently


Ensure business is equipped to manage and maintain the solution at launch. Collaborate and train throughout the engagement.


Relentless focus on end-user adoption. Will they have a great experience? Awareness of influencers & power dynamics


Visualize difficult concepts and integrate learning through every step of the journey

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The problems facing enterprise organizations today are complex and far-reaching. Solving them requires broad collaboration across the enterprise using technologies that can reach across the aisle.

Leaning on our extensive enterprise transformation experience, we have developed our Constellaitions to bring a cohesive and visual representation of these challenges to gain buy-in from key stakeholders. Our unique ASTRAL methodology takes battle-tested agile implementation approaches and integrates it with more than just lip service to people, process, and technology.



Company Values

At Constellation, we operate according to our values framework.
Our framework is comprised of our Mission Statement at the center, then our Foundational Values, then our Operating Marks.

Our Mission Statement

is our “why.” It represents what we believe about the world and why we exist as a firm.

Our Foundational Values

that of Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Diversity, and Sustainability – represent key adverbs that describe how we go about our business and how we interact with our fellow team members, our customers, and our partners.

Our Operating Marks

to Connect, Automate, Incentivize, Win, Collaborate, Engage, Innovate, and Give Back – are verbs that describe actions Constellaition team members take to achieve our mission. Together, our Foundational Values and Operating Marks constitute our “how.”





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