Essential Enterprise FP&A, delivered.

Constellaition’s Financial Planning & Analysis + AI (FP&AI) solution is an enterprise budgeting and forecasting application built on the Anaplan platform. Our proprietary architecture leverages your ERP data to deliver powerful Anaplan functionality up to 75% faster than average.




Welcome to the Future of FP&A

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for efficient, cost-effective, and agile financial planning and analysis has never been greater. FP&AI, built on the robust Anaplan platform, revolutionizes the FP&A domain by delivering substantial functionality, outstanding flexibility, and incredible value.

Unmatched Flexibility

Integrate with your company’s data and metadata.  Dynamic Planning means there’s no need for process re-engineering – all business segments can plan however it makes sense for them.

Swift and Affordable

Our experience on over 60 FP&A tech implementations enables us to deliver world-class best practices in a flexible out-of-the-box application.  Configuration – not development – means you get the best in 75% less cost and time.

Support Included

Bug and enhancement support is included with subscription.  We’ll teach you how to use and run the application, and we’ll be there for you if you need any tweaks.

Why Work with Constellaition

Zaf Kamar, our Founder & CEO, started Constellaition after having led 2 firms to Gold-tier Partner status with Anaplan.


Throughout his career, Zaf has brought first-class delivery expertise to solve transformation problems for some of the world’s largest organizations.  Under his leadership, his teams have boasted an impeccable 100% success rate on Anaplan transformation initiatives.


Through a combination of a track record of success, broad functional expertise, platform mastery, and a playbook for efficient delivery vis-a-vis our ASTRAL methodology, we invite you to experience the Constellaition difference for your organization.

Key FP&AI Features

FP&AI is not just an application—it’s a powerhouse. Whether it’s budgeting, forecasting, modeling, or reporting, our comprehensive features ensure that all your FP&A needs are met. And the best part? It’s AI-ready, ensuring your planning processes are future-proof from the coming wave of disruption.


Dynamic Budgets & Forecasts for the Future

FP&AI enables organizations to break free from traditional static budgeting approaches. With our dynamic budget and forecasting capabilities, businesses can create and adjust their annual operating plans with ease.


  • Real-Time Consolidation & Hierarchies
  • Dynamic GL Account Properties
  • Less time data wrangling, more time analyzing
  • Save business partners’ time
  • Powerful calculations
  • Next-level analysis and reporting
  • Planning Culture

Click here to learn more about FP&AI’s Dynamic Budgets & Forecasts functionality.


Collaborate Effectively

Experience the power of collaboration and a seamless user experience with FP&AI. Our platform offers an intuitive and modern user interface, making it a pleasure to navigate and interact with your financial data and other users.


  • Modern Finance User Experience
  • Commentary & Workflow

Click here to learn more about FP&AI’s Collaboration & User Experience functionality.


Unlocking Comprehensive Insights

Leverage FP&AI’s powerful analysis and reporting tools to gain deep insights into business performance, visualize department and business unit performance against expectations, and optimize outcomes.


  • Next-level Analysis and Reporting
  • Managing Multi-Currency Complexity

Click here to learn more about FP&AI’s Performance Management functionality.


Robust, Flexible Anaplan Application

With FP&AI’s robust data integrations, your organization can enjoy streamlined processes, accurate data synchronization, and robust security across systems. FP&AI empowers you to integrate, protect, and harness the power of your financial data with confidence.


  • Integrate with frequently used GL/ERP systems
  • Leverage your master data
  • Easy to export to Excel or other systems
  • Robust Security

Click here to learn more about FP&AI’s Data Integration & Security functionality.

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Pain Points

Leaders across the board have identified many challenges of modern finance transformation efforts, including the following:

...seems like every department has their own homegrown database for exactly and only what they need. There's a real struggle here to get the most up-to-date data to get the full picture

CFOPain point: Data availability

...too much time data-wrangling and compiling, not enough time planning and analyzing

VP FP&APain point: Data preparation team has to work late nights and weekends to come up with these different scenarios. We need them to make the right decisions, but it shouldn't be this hard

CFOPain point: Cycle time

...feels like we're always reactive to the needs of the business units, rather than proactive and value-add

CFOPain point: Collaboration


Best-In-Class Financial Planning & Analysis

Modern CFOs know that the right technology platform is a necessary catalyst for a high-performing finance team – one that is proactive, not reactive, in driving success for the business.

FP&AI utilizes Anaplan‘s speed and scalability to enable organizations to run robust analyses on business performance. With the ability to process vast amounts of data quickly, decision-makers can delve deep into performance metrics, identify trends, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their organization’s financial health.


Big, Fast, Powerful multi-dimensional calc & modeling engine

Impressive CXO-friendly read+write UX: ideal eval/decision platform

Trusted by thousands of enterprise customers

Flexibility to model solutions across the enterprise

Particularly adept at handling time-series and scenario analyses

Exceptional community of tens of thousands of Anaplanners

Excel pros love it & manage it. Low-code & intuitive

Load from & send to any data source, high data throughput, APIs

Bank-grade security, SSO, granular access management


Connect to the applications you use everyday