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Digital Transformation

SaaS transformation consultancy delivering success through AI-powered agile methodology, technical chops, beautiful design, world-class experience, and clarity of purpose 🚀✨.

We believe people buy from companies they believe in.

..that is, people buy from companies whose values and brand align with their own.


We think that’s a trend that’s only increasing over time.


We envision a future where the most successful organizations embed all their values – not just the financial ones – into the way they operate their business, leveraging the best of available technology and data to serve their stakeholders and to achieve their mission.

Constellaition is a management & technology consulting firm that partners with clients on values-aware digital transformation.

Technology Partners

Constellaition is proud to partner with leading, proven, cloud-first SaaS platforms to help our clients solve their challenging problems.

Problems we Solve

Constellaition provides advisory and technology implementation services to enterprise-class customers to address a variety of common modern challenges.

Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

Prioritize, efficiently allocate resources, and effectively monitor ongoing costs of your myriad transformation initiatives with our solutions. Explore how our Anaplan DTM solution can help your organization manage and monitor digital change.

Workforce Planning (WFP)

Labor costs represent a firm’s largest expense, and modern challenges such as having an authentically diverse and equitably compensated workforce have made this more in focus than ever. Constellaition partners with customers to help them move forward on these important initiatives and develop enterprise solutions to bring their internal management solutions in line with stated firm values.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Modern cloud-based finance transformation platforms have revolutionized the way the office of the CFO provides value. Whether it’s getting the basics right with a streamlined 4×1, developing expense discipline through zero-based planning, or empowering your organization with driver-based dynamic planning, Constellaition helps customers move forward with confidence.

GHG Scope 1+2 Emissions Management (GHG&A)

Constellaition partners with customers to develop solutions to help plan the path toward the firm’s emissions goals. These solutions provide a clear demonstration that company management are willing to invest in more than a “check-the-box” solution.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Whether it’s upstream raw materials suppliers, technology firms, or professional services firms, who you work with says a lot about who you are. With our Vendor & Supply Chain Management solutions on the Anaplan platform, validate that your vendors and suppliers check all the boxes, not just cost competitiveness, capacity, and reliability.

What We Do

Solution Implementation

Expert solution implementation services leveraging ASTRAL methodology

Strategic Roadmap

Lay out a roadmap for transformation based on your company's unique values and situation

Enterprise Application Management

Assistance with managing, enhancing, and adopting new technology platforms to achieve success

Strategic Advisory Services

Assessment and recommendations on how to move forward successfully and authentically

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