Digital Transformation Management

Enable world-class Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)


Constellaition’s Digital Transformation Management (DTM) solution is a project and portfolio management tool built on the Anaplan platform that brings productivity, transparency, collaboration, and accountability to your project governance process.


Agile project management is hard to do at scale.


Without the right platform in place, it’s difficult to gather real-time insight into your project portfolio, efficiently adapt to changing business conditions, and ensure that your team’s focus is prioritized appropriately.

This can result in project delays, overspend, scope creep, or broader transformation failure.

Constellaition’s Digital Transformation Management solution, DTM, empowers enterprise companies to manage hundreds of projects and thousands of employees with ease.


Constellaition’s DTM solution provides a technology platform that reinforces values beneficial to an organization’s continued innovation and success.


DTM enables organizations to maximize productivity from their teams.  As a consolidated portfolio management, project management, resource management, and work management platform, DTM brings all information together in one platform to enable leaders to make the best decisions on how to deploy their teams from day to day.


DTM fosters trust in teams by employing transparency.  The platform offers features such as self-service reporting so that leaders can always have a pulse on projects in their portfolio without having to go through an intermediary.  It also offers automatic audit-logging and point-restore features to simplify traceability and compliance activities.


If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  DTM enables collaboration for organizations who want to go far.  The solution provides a platform for cross-functional transformation leaders, project managers, and project team members to work together to achieve amazing results.  The user experience is a critical consideration here, which is why DTM has a Dynamic View feature that allows users to quickly filter out items that are not relevant to specific individuals, specific projects, or specific teams.


Do what you say you’re going to do, meet your deadlines, and let collaborators know if anything changes.  Sounds simple, right?  Experience tells us this is anything but.

DTM reinforces accountability by making it easy to always compare your innovation results against original estimates.  Interoperability with other platforms enables you to load actuals to get eyes-wide-open views into project and program ROI at multiple points throughout.


Pain Points

Leaders across the board have identified many challenges of digital transformation efforts, including the following: first I thought this was about our Technology org becoming agile, but I slowly came to realize it's about our entire business becoming agile. Having that product-mindset; that customer-first mindset, whether our 'customers' are our actual customers or internal users.

Business Unit LeaderPain point: Enterprise agility & data-driven decision-making

...hope you don't take offense to this, but all the enterprise sales folks start to sound the same after a while. Their product can do everything. What does each product do best? What are areas where we should consider platform benefits vs best-in-market? And for [goodness'] sake do not vendor lock me.

CTOPain point: Vendor Selection

Our [ERP platform] implementation project, if we're being honest, was pretty painful. It's a good product and we're using it, but we ended up doubling our timeline and going 80% over budget. There wasn't a great amount of accountability on the costs, and maybe we didn't do a good enough job considering risk scenarios.

VP of FinancePain point: Methodology & Estimation

We're paying for 10 full time consultants just to keep the lights on with our current system. Now I'm not naive enough to think any platform enables us to go to zero - nor do I think that's even a good idea - but we have to be eyes-wide-open on total cost of ownership and org structure long after you and your team are gone.

CFOPain point: Ongoing maintenance


Best-In-Class Transformation Management

Digital Transformation is and will continue to be the defining transformational initiative of this decade, but what works for a Silicon Valley tech startup doesn’t always jive with a Midwestern health network. Aligning strategic objectives to project proposals, prioritizing appropriately, finding the right individuals to undertake the work, managing vendor relationships, and managing spend are all critical steps needed for success.


Provides a stage for transformation stakeholders to solicit, define, prioritize, estimate costs, approve, and monitor initiatives over time

Enables users to estimate initiative costs and benefits, and to view reporting on cumulative net benefit over time for a single or portfolio of projects

Can be used as a platform to manage approved projects through the life-cycle of the initiative, from requirements gathering, to design, to implementation, to testing, to deployment with all of the capabilities of enterprise PPM

Is cloud-native, offers bank-grade security, connected to enterprise MDM, and is API-ready

Allows for authorized individuals – whether in revenue-generating or support functions – to have a place to put their ideas on areas for business improvement, with the flexibility to go down to more granular levels of user story detail (Epic, Story, Task) for finer estimation and tagging

Provides a space to prioritize, critique, “what-if”, and ultimately select initiatives to move forward as projects

Is an integrated and automated “flywheel” with other enterprise platforms including HCM, ERP, and FP&A

Allows creation of tags for People, Process, Technology, Data, and Strategy (+ custom) to enable aggregated reporting, filtering, and sorting

Enables macro-level self-service reporting across myriad slices and dices

is flexible to changes & upgrades, is intuitive & user-friendly

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Estimating the ROI of your Digital Transformation

Watch on-demand, digital transformation expert Zaf Kamar, Founder & CEO of Constellaition, as he presents on the topic “Estimating the ROI of your Digital Transformation.” In this session, Zaf presents key categories of costs and benefits for transformation initiatives, provides relevant examples leaning on his experience working on over 100 successful transformations for over 40 enterprise-class customers, and performs a live estimation of three scenarios of a sample transformation initiative.

This webinar is most relevant for transformation leaders in Finance CFOs looking for better ways to infuse data-driven decision-making into their organization’s strategic Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) process.


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