Robust, Flexible Anaplan Application

Ensure seamless data integration and robust security with FP&AI’s Data Integration & Security capabilities.

Robust, Flexible Anaplan Application Features

Connect with your GL/ERP systems effortlessly using preconfigured integration accelerators and flexible data mapping options. Leverage your master data across multiple entities, departments, customers, vendors, and products for efficient planning and analysis. Export finalized budget and forecast data to other systems easily, while enjoying role-based security access and comprehensive audit history for complete peace of mind. FP&AI empowers you to integrate, protect, and harness the power of your financial data with confidence.

Integrate with frequently used GL/ERP systems

  • Preconfigured integration accelerators available for Oracle NetSuite, Intuit QuickBooks, and Workday Financials
  • Load up to 2 historical budgets and 3 historical forecasts
  • Flexibility around data formats: Anaplan can map and transform data, reducing burden on IT/3rd-party requests dealing with data from other systems

Leverage your master data

  • Leverage your master data & hierarchies across legal entities, departments, customers, vendors, products, and employees
  • 10 alternative hierarchies available for custom slicing-and-dicing

Easy to export to Excel or other systems

  • Easily export finalized budget and forecast data to MS Excel or to other systems
  • Customizable formats to meet other systems’ data format requirements

Robust Security

  • Role-based and hierarchy-based security access ensuring peace-of-mind
  • Security roles for Planners, Leaders, Corporate Finance, and Administrators ensure changes are made appropriately
  • Cell-level audit history & global model history with full app-rewind
  • SAML, SSO, and API frameworks
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