Dynamic Budgets & Forecasts

With FP&AI, streamline your budget and forecast processes, leverage powerful calculations, and enable collaboration with ease.

Dynamic Budgets & Forecasts Features

Experience dynamic and efficient budgeting and forecasting with FP&AI’s Dynamic Budgets & Forecasts feature. Say goodbye to manual consolidations, version issues, and Excel spreadsheets. Anaplan’s powerful multi-dimensional database ensures real-time consolidation, automatic calculations, and seamless hierarchy relationships for accurate and up-to-date financial information. Save time and empower your planners with pre-seeded budget inputs, powerful calculations, and robust variance analysis capabilities. Visualize and analyze your financial plans with speed and scalability, enabling data-driven decision-making and bridging the gap between plans and performance. FP&AI revolutionizes your budgeting and forecasting process for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Real-Time Consolidation & Hierarchies

  • Input data at multiple levels of detail, accommodating for different preferences and requirements across the business
  • Automatic, real-time calculations ensure you are always looking at the latest and greatest information
  • Hierarchical relationships establish direct relationships between tree-node, branch node, and leaf-nodes members of your lists

Dynamic GL Account Properties

  • Configure account properties consistent with your Chart of Accounts, including: Cashflow, assets, liabilities, equity, revenues, customer-level revenues & expenses, vendor-level expenses, employee-level expenses, Other income & expenses, and centrally-planned accounts
  • Control whether your accounts are input as balances or period activity, as well as sign-flips on aggregation

Less time data wrangling, more time analyzing

  • No more managing dozens of Excel spreadsheets, manual consolidations, version issues
  • One multi-dimensional Anaplan database that ties your entire budget & forecast process together
  • Adding new rows or columns adds them everywhere; changing formulas changes them everywhere. Ensures consistency & auditability, reducing risk
  • Drill-down functionality to ensure calculation traceability and give confidence in output data

Save business partners’ time

  • Give your planners a head-start by pre-seeding budget inputs with prior budget or forecast information
  • Seed budgets at dynamic levels of detail: customer, product, employee, vendor-level information

Powerful calculations

  • Leverage Anaplan’s powerful calculation engine to spread budget data across months using various spread factors, including: CY Budget, CY Forecast, Run Rate, Straight Line, Days in Month, or Manual Input
  • Develop plans in local currency and/or reporting currency (USD default)
  • Separate department performance from FX impact and perform constant-currency reporting and analysis
  • What-if optionality allowing for planners to assess multiple outcomes
  • Robust variance analysis capabilities

Planning Culture

  • Build a culture of planning with the 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  • Promote continuous improvement through variance analysis calculations for accurate comparisons across Actuals, Budget, Forecast, and Targets
  • Foster a sense of coop-etition between business units and departments by leveraging dashboards and visualizations that rank by plan-vs-actual performance

Next-level analysis and reporting

  •  Leverage the speed and scalability of Anaplan to run powerful analyses on your financial plans
  • Visually understand expectations being set for each department
  • View consolidated customer financials across the whole business, empowering FP&A with value-add insights into customer account strategy
  • View consolidated vendor financials across the whole business, empowering FP&A with value-add insights into vendor partnership strategy
  • Enable bridging between plans to explain performance through data-driven storytelling
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