About Constellation
We believe the most successful organizations of tomorrow will be those who embed their core values into the way they operate their business, leveraging the best of available technology and data to achieve their mission.
Constellaition is a management & technology consulting firm that partners with clients to achieve values-aware digital transformation.
Solutions we Offer

Service Offerings

Solution Implementation

Expert solution implementation services leveraging ASTRAL methodology

Strategic Roadmap

Lay out a roadmap for transformation based on your company's unique values and situation

Enterprise Application Management

Assistance with managing, enhancing, and adopting new technology platforms to achieve success

Strategic Advisory Services

Assessment and recommendations on how to move forward successfully and authentically
Platforms we Implement

Technology Partners

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Problems we Solve

Customer Challenges

The Modern

The Great Resignation, automation, inflation, and DEI&B issues have called attention to the ways large employers manage their workforce. Organizations have a mandate from their customers and stakeholders to showcase authentic diversity, practice inclusiveness, and promote & compensate equitably among their employees, management, vendors, and suppliers.

Authentic Digital

Digital Transformation is and will continue to be the defining transformational initiative of this decade. Prioritizing initiatives, resource planning, managing vendor relationships, and scrutinizing ongoing spend are all critical steps needed for success.

Modern Finance

Modern CFOs know that the right technology platform is a necessary catalyst for a high-performing finance team – one that is proactive, not reactive, in driving success for the business.

Sustainability and Emissions

Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reporting will be commonplace by 2025. Integration of GHG emissions reduction scenarios into financial and operating plans is a key step toward reaching sustainability goals.

Sustainable, Resilient,
and Humane Supply Chains

Stakeholders now expect companies to make it their business to understand their upstream supply chains and partner with firms that reflect the values of the organization. Supplier cost competitiveness, capacity, and reliability are now only part of the equation.

Relentless Focus on
The Customer

For companies that are customer-centric, it is critical to have a single view of that customer that broaches across all departments that have contact with them.