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Digital Transformation is and will continue to be the defining initiative of this decade, but what works for a Silicon Valley tech startup 💻 won’t always work for a Midwestern health network 🩹, nor for a New York-based financial services firm 💼.

At 🚀✨ Constellaition, we are champions of “values-aware” digital transformation. Here’s what we mean by that.

Achieving successful digital transformation is imperiled when organizations don’t factor their values, culture, and power dynamics into how their people/process/technology transformation should be manifested. Too often, organizations stumble in trying to exactly mimic what they hear worked for other firms. While the technology platforms they select may be sound, if the “HOW” is wrong, the transformation faces an uphill battle from the start.

A core differentiator for Constellaition is in the assets we use to help visualize values, culture, and power dynamics as part of our 🌠ASTRAL methodology; and the really unique assets we use to build a coalition of consensus toward transformation.


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