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Organizations generate success 🏆😄💵🗻💟 by aligning people towards a goal, structuring processes to help them reach it, giving them technology do it efficiently, and fueling all those efforts with data.

That combination of People, Process, Technology, and Data are critical, and you’ll hear consulting organizations the world over – including us – talk about it incessantly.

We think it’s so important, in fact, we think the name ought to be more streamlined. People-process-technology-data is too much of a mouthful 🤮

From here on out, we are calling the combination of people-process-data-technology “The Business Quadrinity,” or “Quad” for short.

 🟧 “Quad” of course is latin for “four,” calling attention to the fact that there are four elements to the quadrinity.

🤝 “Quad” sounds like “squad,” which connotes a smaller and more streamlined team than an entire army. Makes it more approachable.

🩳 “Quad” is short and sweet. One syllable to rule them all, down from 10. (!)

🛐 “Quadrinity” is the term for “four as one,” playing off of the well-known idea of a trinity.

Example usage would be the following:

  • “Our Budgeting and Forecasting ‘quad is doing better than ever since we implemented Anaplan!”
  • “I think we need to segment Sustainability out from ESG into its own ‘quad, what do you think?”
  • “Welcome new joiners! We are excited to talk to you about our DE&I ‘quad and get you up to speed on how AmazingCo approaches this critical topic.”

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