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At its heart, Constellaition 🚀✨ is a company that helps firms practice what they preach using technology and data.

But what do we preach?

At Constellaition, we operate according to our values framework.

Our framework is comprised of our Mission Statement at the center, then our Foundational Values, then our Operating Marks.

Our Mission Statement is our “why.” It represents what we believe about the world and why we exist as a firm.

We believe the most successful organizations of tomorrow will be those who embed their core values into the way they operate their business, leveraging the best of available technology and data to achieve their mission.

Our Foundational Values – that of Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Diversity, and Sustainability – represent key adverbs that describe how we go about our business and how we interact with our fellow team members, our customers, and our partners.

Our Operating Marks – to Connect, Automate, Incentivize, Win, Collaborate, Engage, Innovate, and Give Back – are verbs that describe actions Constellaition team members take to achieve our mission.

Together, our Foundational Values and Operating Marks constitute our “how.”

Following from our “why” and “how” is our “what” – that Constellaition is a management & technology consulting firm that partners with clients to achieve values-aware digital transformation. Those three ideas for us complete our Golden Circle.

We look forward to sharing how our Values Framework manifests itself in our day-to-day operations in future posts. Like, comment, and share for visibility!

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