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Project Portfolio Management: Achieving Goals With Right Sizing and Prioritization


Project portfolio management is an essential part of digital transformation. It can help to prioritize and right size a project, so that goals are achieved in the most effective way. But how do you make sure it works? Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools provide the answer.

These digital tools help organizations evaluate projects across different dimensions, such as time, cost and risk. With PPM tools, users can understand what projects they should take on and which ones they should avoid. They also offer insights into resource allocation, budgeting and tracking progress against objectives. This helps to ensure that only the most beneficial projects are pursued in order to realize digital transformation goals.

With PPM tools, users can understand what projects they should take on and which ones they should avoid.

For example, with Gantt-style scheduling features, users can understand the dependencies between tasks and resources, keeping projects on track even if there are any delays. PPM tools also provide powerful analytics that enable decision-makers to quickly view performance data and identify areas of improvement or risks associated with projects. In addition, digital dashboards offer at-a-glance views of project progress, helping team leaders to update stakeholders in real time.

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Overall, digital PPM tools are key to driving digital transformation forward by helping organizations right size their projects and achieve their goals effectively. Whether it’s developing digital solutions or rolling out new processes, digital portfolio management tools provide valuable insights into project success and ensure teams stay focused on delivering value for customers.  They are an indispensable part of today’s digital strategy.

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